Best odds offered by the bookmakers to bet on England Euro 2016

26 April 2016

Bet England Euro 2016

Football is the most loved sport in England, with almost every resident in the country being a die-hard fan. This means that the English football team is the pride and joy of England. The team don’t take this responsibility lightly. They truly are one of the best football teams in the world. Practising hard and dominating the top spots in many different leagues has also gained them many international fans.

Because of their amazing track record they have become a favourite to bet on in the betting community. The odds of them winning are generally high. Now that the Euro 2016 is upon us there will be a spike in the betting industry. The question posed now is what are the odds of me winning?

Knockout Stages

For the first stages of the Euro 2016 England is one of the favourites to make it through, with only two teams with slightly higher odds. The odds are 1.05.

Quarter Finals

This is the stage where the competition gets interesting, all the weaker teams are weeded out and we are left with the strongest more powerful teams. England has a 1.75 chance of making it to this round. The odds of this are still very high.


England stands strong with a 2.85 odd in making it. This still puts on one of the higher potions in the betting log.


This is the most important game of the season and frankly the most nail-biting. England still remains in the top 5 of the betting logs with a 6.00 chance of making it to the finals.


The chances of England winning the whole thing sits at 9.00. This is quite a bit lower than the odds of the teams higher than them on the betting table but it still puts them miles above the teams below them.

The reason you see the odds getting lower and lower after each stage is that there are less places available and to work out the odds we still need to use the total number of teams playing in the Euro 2016. It will do you good to remember that these are just odds, it is not cast in stone and things can go anyway. There is no way to predict the actual outcome although some people/companies say that they can.

Top Scorer

This is based on the number of goals scored only. Overall player skill do not count much here. Harry Kane has a 17.00 chance of being top scorer, it is no surprise that he placed so high in this category, he is one of England’s star players. Another player that has fairly high odds in this category is Wayne Rooney. His odds are 34.00, these odds are lower than Kane’s but he finds himself sitting in the top half in this category.

With only two or three teams with higher overall odds, England has placed highly on the betting logs. The Euro 2016 will prove to be one of the most exciting sporting events this year.

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