The odds for England Slovakia Euro 2016

6 April 2016

Similar odds for the England vs Slovakia game are given by Betfair Sportsbook. Group B of the Euro 2016 does not consist of any certified walk overs as each team gets into the match with much confidence, agility and a drive to proceed. However, it is kind of a demand for England to proceed successfully past the group stages.

The group does not also have a better favourable candidate than Roy Hodgson, and he must therefore ensure the top spot position. Expected to take place on 20th June, 2016, this game is believed to be one of the most predictable events in the match, with Slovakia being the most beatable team and the group’s minnows. Roy Hodgson is therefore expected to capitalize on a win against the Slovaks as the two other nations in the group, thats is Wales and Russia, are underdogs of the group.

Considering many prediction odds for the game by some of the top UK bookmakers, England is expected to walk over Slovakia with ease. For instance, BetVictor have backed Slovakia’s win with extremely large odds of 7.0, 4.1 for a draw between the two, and 1.50 for England to beat Slovakia. This seems a clearcut prediction. Unibet, another renowned UK bookmaker, jave similarly large odds for Slovakia’s win as they are given 6.7, 4.25 for a draw, and have backed England’s win with relatively small odds of 1.5. Besides, Bwin’s odds for England’s win are currently at 1.6, 4.0 for a draw and 6.0 for Slovakia’s win. According to PadyPower, 4/6 odds are offered to back England’s win, 13/5 for the game to end a draw, and 7/2 if Slovakia wins. According to another reliable UK bookmaker, Betfred, there is even more probability of England thrushing Slovakia as evident from the 4/7 odds given to back England’s win, 11/4 for the game to result in a draw, and 5 to back Slovakia win. Another UK bookmaker, Stan James, England are backed with an 8/13 probability to win the game, 14/5 for the game to end in a draw, and 17.4 for a Slovakia’s win. After clear analysis of the odds, all these UK bookmakers have backed England’s win.

Although Slovakia might bring with them some 2010 world cup experience, this is their first participation in the European Championship tournament. Although Slovakia might depend on their experienced stars such as the likes of Napoli’s Marek Hamsik and Liverpool’s Martin Skirtel, England still stands out as the clear favourites of the match considering their team depth and talent endowment in the country. It can also be realized from the bookmakers that Slovakia’s probability for a win or the game to end in a draw keep on tising as the game approaches while those of England keep dropping. ack up England to thrush Slovakia.

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